Accidents Will Happen?

-----I'm convinced that some situations are not to be explained, only revered. To this day I'm puzzled by a certain woman's question. What could she have meant? What did she see? What made her think something had gone amiss?

-----I was traveling to Galveston one summer with a close friend. Our transportation was his immaculate little car. It was quite visibly in tip-top condition. Nowhere on its red body or shiny chrome trim could you find so much as a scratch. At this particular moment, its only malady was a fuel gauge spiraling toward empty.

-----Leaving the highway, we noticed a rather old-fashioned service station alone on the access road. Not wanting to risk driving any further, the decision was made to check it out. To our surprise, the station offered only full service, and we left the car temporarily in the care of the middle-aged woman who pumped our gas. Upon returning, we each stood beside the car while my friend handed the woman his payment. Then, out of nowhere came her question.

-----""Did you have an accident?"

-----We were both puzzled, knowing the perfect condition of the car, but my friend considered another possibility. I detected his ever so subtle response. He inconspicuously glanced at his crotch and replied, "No!?!"

-----We both silently got in the car, sharing the same puzzled frown. We pulled out of the driveway, looked at each other and laughed all the way to Galveston.

©2004 - The Trill House