The Mirror of Truth

The Magic Coin

The Gopher’s Other World

The Forbidden Union

The Trail of Paradox

The Squirrel and the Apple

The Camel’s Conclusion

Will and Trust

The Subservient Child

Fanning the Freedom Flame

The Seed of Possibility

Harvest Forlorn


“Stories tell us of what we already knew and forgot, and remind us of what we haven’t yet imagined.”

—Anne L. Watson

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The Forbidden Union

_____Once upon a time there lived a pure and true Love. This Love was bound by no conditions and no limitations. Feeling the awesome power of his most unusual gift, the Love decided to set out to find one worthy of its reward. The Love traveled far and wide seeking one whose heart was boundless and free, one within whom he could reside.
_____The search lasted for centuries, until one day Love set his sights on a green and blue planet named Earth. Love did not speak in words, but the vision he expressed could be translated to mean, "I am most leery of this ball in the cosmos, for it bears a name. To name anything immediately robs it of its truth. I wonder if its inhabitants also bear such labels?"
_____Making his ascent on the ball, Love was most appalled. Not only did the inhabitants bear labels, but all creatures both living and motionless were bound in a web of rigid conditions. Each object was named, and each carried a wealth of stereotypes. How could Love find one who was worthy in such a place? Nevertheless, the gruesome state of this planet intrigued Love, for he recognized a great challenge in finding one worthy of him in such an environment. Eagerly he pressed on.
_____The great ball of illumination which appeared to sustain life on the planet - as well as mark a peculiar creature known as time - stood still as the planet made its way around it. The planet made this rotation three hundred sixty-five and one quarter times to complete a cycle, and this completion occurred better than thirty times during the duration of Love's quest. Finally, amidst the turmoil appeared a fair maiden quite radiant and beautiful. As the earth completed more than seven hundred revolutions, the worthiness of the creature became clear.
_____Love began to think the unthinkable. He could give himself entirely to this earthly wonder, making his essence appear in her. Never before had he even remotely considered taking on a physical manifestation, but she appeared to be the one worthy of making this union a supreme gesture. Imagining the concept of combining the awesome power of Love with a visible means of expression thrilled him greatly.
_____As he made his approach, her beauty became more evident. Even Love was overwhelmed by her presence. The closer he got, the more he recognized the potential of this union. His dream was within his grasp, it could work! Love could truly imagine living inside such a marvelous body, creating an omnipotent being capable of ordering a confused world.
_____As he closed in, his excitement reigned over the whole Earth. The moment of truth was near. The Earth would truly never be the same. An unconditional being! Never before was it even a possibility, yet now it was as near as his next breath. Moving closer, he heard her voice inviting him in. Nearer, nearer, nearer, the dream was to become real! Suddenly, at the instant prior to the magical union, at the height of this bonding into one, the earth stood still on its axis, for what would it be without its limitations? The very idea of an omnipotent, unconditional being threatened the planet's reign and it struck with a vengeance. Rocks pounded rocks and the seas began to moan. Twisters ravaged the ground and hurricanes beat upon the shores. Upon seeing Love flee on the winds of a great monsoon, the sun kissed the moon, signaling to all the Earth's inhabitants that the laws of his domain would not change. Its work had been done.
_____What a close call that fateful day, for where would the planet be without its rigid laws and principles? And how could Love have survived within these prison walls?
_____Escaping with his soul intact, Love breathed a sigh of relief, but with his next breath he experienced a sensation he'd never before known. For the first time he recognized a presence he had heard Earthlings describe as grief. He recalled the beautiful one, for he was sure even now that she was worthy to bear him. What would happen to her now, so close to having it all only to see it disappear?
_____Looking back as he fled the scene, his mind was put at ease, for he saw his chosen maiden still in the field where their union was to occur. She danced a dance of freedom and delight. He realized she would suffer no remorse for losing what might have been, for like the others, she was a daughter of the earth and all its boundaries. How could she possibly regret missing something she'd never truly known?

© 1993 - Paul Stephens