The Mirror of Truth

The Magic Coin

The Gopher’s Other World

The Forbidden Union

The Trail of Paradox

The Squirrel and the Apple

The Camel’s Conclusion

Will and Trust

The Subservient Child

Fanning the Freedom Flame

The Seed of Possibility

Harvest Forlorn


“Stories tell us of what we already knew and forgot, and remind us of what we haven’t yet imagined.”

—Anne L. Watson

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The Seed of Possibility

_____ Into a splendid garden walked Possibility. Overwhelmed with the magic that grew all about him, he longed to share the beauty with his world. Struck by a vision, he moved to the center of the garden and began to dig. Within moments he had unearthed a beautiful bulb destined to become the most wondrous and mystical daffodil ever seen. Leaving the garden, Possibility pondered what to do with the bulb. He understood that the bulb was merely a promise of beauty to be realized only after a season of nurturing in fertile grounds. Hoping to place it in such a home, he lovingly left it on Actuality's doorstep. The following morning he received a call. Actuality sensed it was he who had left the unusual gift and wished to hear its story.
_____ Possibility told Actuality all about the garden and its grandeur. Upon hearing about the beauty in store, Actuality agreed to plant the seed in a clearing in the woods. Together they would be free to enjoy a future of visiting the beautiful daffodil grown from the love within.
Within days after the bulb was planted, Actuality ceased to visit the clearing. Growing busy with the affairs of the world, there was little time to detour toward the bulb that rested below the earth. Summer came and the earth was hot and dry. Possibility reminded Actuality of the bulb's need for water, but the bulb was left to wait quietly beneath the soil until priorities could be rearranged. Actuality vowed to tend the soil when the time is right. In the meantime, life went on within and without the lonely bulb.
_____ Time passed and all about there was transformation. Possibility remained at the edge of the woods near Hope. Actuality had long since left the area, taking up residence in the streets of Destiny. One dark and moonless night, struck by a vision of the extraordinary daffodil, Actuality longed to return to the clearing. Possibility had remained a devoted and trusted friend and the separation had been long enough. Actuality set out for the clearing in the woods. Not wanting to delay the wonderful daffodil's appearance any longer, Actuality vowed to tend the soil with diligence.
_____ Upon arriving at the clearing, Actuality noticed a wealth of new growth, but no daffodil grew among the foliage. The flower's season of opportunity had long since passed. Though it never saw the sunlight the bulb never ceased to work its magic. Without nourishment the bulb was allowed to decay, creating a rich and fertile bed in which other plants received bountiful life.
Possibility heard the news of Actuality's return and came quickly to the clearing. Together they walked through the flowers enjoying the beauty that surrounded them. Though they never brought the daffodil into their conversation, neither could fully deny the emptiness that moved deep inside their souls. Possibility could not help but reflect on what could have been while Actuality weighed what had come to pass.

© 1993 - Paul Stephens