She is...

Table of Contents

1. Opening Segment
2. "She is..."
3. Foundation
4. Format
5. "The Flower"
6. "Sunshine in the Storm"
7. "It's a Long Way to Fall"
8. Homecoming
9. "(Give You) Back to You"
10. The Still, Small Voice
11. "In the Silence"
12. Her Gifts
13. "Grace"
14. "Quiet Fire"
15. "Gift of Flight (Intuition)"
16. "Dancing Girl"
17. "One Child at a Time"
18. Celebration


A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.
- Maya Angelou

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Grace in her presence
Grace that she gives us
Through the light that shines about us
As her eyes caress the rising dawn

Energy... Light of ecstasy
Gifts that she could bring us
If our eyes could only see

Open their eyes
Let them see
All the beauty we'll share
When we set her free

When the heart and the soul agree
Then her mind will be free to yearn
And the song will reveal itself
In the pleasure that she might learn

Love is her just reward
Life is her prize
Gifts she may now enjoy
Love is the giving force in her Life
Life is her her prize

When her will and the world collide
She is cast in a martyr's role
But the time is upon us now
For her magic to unfold

Set her free
Let her be
Free her soul

Open the gates
Free the Love
Elevate the spirit
That will rise above
The weight
The dungeon
Of her fate through history

Reflections - "Grace"

An ugly world does not always delight at the sight of beauty. A hateful world does not always sit still and allow the light of love to expose its wickedness. But who says the world is ugly and hateful? It can't be denied that there is ugliness, that there is hatred, but these do not have to be the defining characteristics of our existence. Centuries of torture, abuse, and neglect cannot silence her voice and diminish her impact on the future. The smallest beam of light can penetrate the deepest darkness. In fact, it takes quite a bit of conscious effort to completely seal oneself in darkness. Light, like life itself, always finds a way. The wider we open the gates and allow her love to pour in, the closer we will be to defining our world as loving and beautiful. The more we focus the lens through which we view her contributions to the world the clearer her beam of light will be to us. We will then be moved to release and amplify that light onto the darkness of the world. The chains will fall away and she will take her rightful place as matriarch of an abundant and beautiful world.