She is...

Table of Contents

1. Opening Segment
2. "She is..."
3. Foundation
4. Format
5. "The Flower"
6. "Sunshine in the Storm"
7. "It's a Long Way to Fall"
8. Homecoming
9. "(Give You) Back to You"
10. The Still, Small Voice
11. "In the Silence"
12. Her Gifts
13. "Grace"
14. "Quiet Fire"
15. "Gift of Flight (Intuition)"
16. "Dancing Girl"
17. "One Child at a Time"
18. Celebration


A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.
- Maya Angelou

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Her Gifts
 Although I have periodically mentioned certain aspects of character associated with the feminine spirit, in many ways I have tried to steer clear of creating a list of attributes. This is for a number of reasons. My goal in creating this tribute is to amplify, not codify the feminine spirit. Labels have a tendency to diminish rather than intensify. Furthermore, any and all attributes I could list belong to all of us, not merely women, and can be justified as inherent in varying degrees in any of us. That is a goal of this work as well. To recognize and use the virtues of the feminine in even the most masculine of endeavors. But the most compelling reason for me not to want to create an all-inclusive list points back to those magical ellipsis dots that follow the title. She is... She cannot be defined - certainly not by any list of virtues, values, traits, or roles. The roles and characteristics profiled here are but a minute sampling of the possibilities. I see her gifts not so much as a list of examples for us to follow. Rather I see the totality of her being as an example of God's Grace. She doesn't possess the gifts... She is the gift.