She is...

Table of Contents

1. Opening Segment
2. "She is..."
3. Foundation
4. Format
5. "The Flower"
6. "Sunshine in the Storm"
7. "It's a Long Way to Fall"
8. Homecoming
9. "(Give You) Back to You"
10. The Still, Small Voice
11. "In the Silence"
12. Her Gifts
13. "Grace"
14. "Quiet Fire"
15. "Gift of Flight (Intuition)"
16. "Dancing Girl"
17. "One Child at a Time"
18. Celebration


A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.
- Maya Angelou

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"One Child at a Time"

Brought into this world to fight alone
It seems that all this lost child has is a street to call his home.
Then out of nowhere, a smiling face takes him by the hand
And takes him where he'd never go alone
The chains come loose and the walls around him crumble to the ground
As he learns how to love
Because she's changing the world
One child at a time

People watch the news most every day
They shed a tear for a lonely child then they turn the other way
But thank the lord for Saints like her who walk among us and take it in their hands
To ease the pain wherever they may go
You'll find them where there's need for hope and where love is yet to shine
In her own quiet way
She's changing the world
One child at a time

You don't have to bare a child to share the pain
You don't have to nurse a helpless babe to feel the joy of motherhood
Her birthright is to nurture, feed, sustain the precious gift we know as life
To hold the world against her bosom, bathing it in a love that only a mother could feel for her newborn child

In her own quiet way
In her special, loving way
Mother to the re-born child
She's changing the world
One child at a time.

Reflection - "One Child at a Time"

While it is certainly true that many women will never give birth to a child, all women share the rite of motherhood. It is an inherent fact of their membership in the sorority of womanhood. I choose not to see it as a coincidence that a high position women hold in the Roman Catholic church bares the title “Mother Superior.” Needless to say, those who attain this exalted position have never experienced the simultaneous joy and pain of childbirth. But speaking figuratively, perhaps this is not true. Perhaps, by their God granted membership in womanhood they have experienced intuitively this joy. There is not a person among us, man or woman who was not born of a woman. Just as the spiritual center that resides within each of us serves as our link to the creative force, it is woman who serves as the link between the spirit and human life. Our incarnation comes always through woman. It is this very fact that enshrines motherhood in the hallowed halls of womanhood. It is the most exclusive of all bonds women share and the most powerful. But it is not merely a rite of passage. A young girl does not enter womanhood through the rite of childbearing; she is born through woman into the rite of motherhood. Motherhood is her birthright, and not even the unfortunate pain of discovering infertility or the voluntary choice of remaining childless can take that away. She can choose not to be a biological mother, but motherhood itself has already chosen her.